Ghost of Tsushima
Courtesy of PlayStation Productions

Ghost of Tsushima will be out in a few days and here’s one question everyone has in mind. Can you stealth kill every enemy in the game? Well, of course, besides bosses? Turns out, the developers have answered it themselves.

In a QnA session with GameStop employees, Sucker Punch answered the burning question. GameStop employee Scott asked, “Is it possible to stealth kill every enemy in the game besides some bosses?” To which, this was the answer –

You would be welcome to try! But some enemies are too strong to be killed in one assassination attempt and will continue to fight back. If you’re careful, most enemies can be taken down in stealth… but be sure not to alert their friends!

This means your approach towards enemies is the key goal. If you really are a stealth player, and you want to be the ultimate Ghost in Ghost of Tsushima, no one’s stopping you.

Keep in mind though, Sucker Punch mentioned how some enemies are “too strong to be killed in one assassination attempt”. So, you might get more than one chance to take down an enemy.

Ghost of Tsushima arrives on July 17 for the PS4.

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