It’s supposed to be rooted in fact and history, but in reality, the game world is a heavily fictionalized, nonspecific collage of locations from across Japan.

Sony’s final big game for its current-generation console PS4, Ghost of Tsushima, sold more than five million copies worldwide. Tsushima came out for the PS4 on July 17, 2020.

The news comes from an informative piece by Seth Schiesel for The New York Times. He writes, “Sony attributes much of its success over the last console generation to the popularity of its exclusive game franchises, including stalwarts like God of War (more than 51 million copies sold) and newcomers like Ghost of Tsushima, with more than five million copies sold since its debut in July.”

Schiesel confirmed that those figures came directly from Sony. In a tweet, he confirms –

Ghost of Tsushima was well received by both players and the critics. The game currently holds an 85 critic rating based on 169 critic reviews, out of which 88% of critics recommend the game.

According to GamStat, Ghost of Tsushima had over 5.7 million total players as of November 8. Out of which, 5.6M (i.e. 98%) players have at least one trophy for the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 for $59.99. You can check out our review by clicking here or watching our video review below.

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