Ghost of Tsushima
Courtesy of PlayStation Productions

Sucker Punch is ready to release its latest game, Ghost of Tsushima next week. But, have they left any easter eggs for their series Sly Cooper and Infamous in the game? Will there be Infamous easter eggs in the game?

The short answer – Yes.

Answering a question from GameStop employees, Sucker Punch revealed that Ghost of Tsushima will have easter eggs that point to its earlier games.

Almost all associates at GameStop asked, “Are there going to be any fun Sly Cooper or Infamous easter eggs that we’ll come across as we play the game?”

Here’s what Sucker Punch answered –

If you know what to look for, there are a few Sly and Infamous easter eggs hidden in the game.

It’s a tradition almost every game developer follows. When they release a new game, they leave some references and memories in it for returning players. So, if you’ve played Sucker Punch’s previous games and you explore the open-world pretty well, you’ll find many interesting easter eggs.

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Ghost of Tsushima is set for a worldwide release on July 17 for the PS4. Our review will go live on July 14, so don’t miss it!

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