Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won’t Be Playable Offline

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The latest instalment in Tom Clancy’s reputed Ghost Recon series, Breakpoint, will require an active internet connection and won’t be playable offline, confirmed Ubisoft earlier this evening.

Replying to a question on Twitter, Ghost Recon’s official account wrote, “#Breakpoint will require an active internet connection like The Division and Rainbow Six Siege.” However, it’s not clear as to why Ubisoft went forward with that decision.

Wildlands was protected by Denuvo, which affected the game’s performance and caused benchmarking issues. While the anti-tamper technology succeeded(to some extent) in protecting the early sales, it wasn’t able to protect the game from getting cracked. According to Gaming Central, Wildlands was cracked just four months after its worldwide release.

Ubisoft may announce a collaboration with Stadia for Ghost Recon Breakpoint sometime in the future as well. This could be another reason as to why we would require an active internet connection. Whichever the case, it’d be interesting to see if the game breaks and players lose their entire progress due to Ubisoft’s server issues.

So to summarise, even if you plan on sitting down, relaxed and determined to play Breakpoint’s singleplayer campaign, but don’t have your internet connection for some reason, you’re screwed. The reason could be the Denuvo case or something else. We’ve contacted Ubisoft to comment on the same.

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won’t Be Playable Offline”

  1. This was the one thing that was going to make me not buy this. Ubisoft screwed us again forcing another game online that is unnecessary. Please bring breakpoint and BGE2 offline so we can play them.

    A gamer like many with lousy internet


      u right not gona happend even with no net to play on pc just in case why this game need to be online 24/7 dont khow why ubsioft sucks

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