During a live stream that marked the 20th anniversary of Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon: Frontline revealed that it would be a “free-to-play PVP shooter”.

Well, yes, we all know this game as a battle royale game. Still, its primary mode had undergone an interesting “extraction twist in the vein of Hunt: Showdown. The new inclusion of F2P PVP shooter supports up to 100 players in an open battleground in the medium of team-based combat.

  • Frontline brings the roots of FPS back to Ghost Recon; it looks like the recent inclusions made to Wildlands and Breakpoint series are primarily set in the third-person shooters.
  • Such recent additions level up our expectations with the many promises the game seems to show; offering an “advanced class system” which will allow players the option to customize and also upgrade their characters.

Different classes will mean that players will be able to seek to attain particular unique skill paths. Additionally, they will also have access to a vast “range of deployable like auto-turrets, barricades, and smoke screens.”

However, this game stands out from other battle royale games. Frontline characters, also known as contractors, have the ability to be swapped on the fly. As such, players have the extra capacity to adapt quickly to whatever situation they find themselves in.

100 Free-to-Play Players

  • In Frontline, the flagship mode which is known as Expedition will allow up to 100 F2P players; divided into groups of three.
  • They will have to complete all the objectives, acquire various information, then defend it all from the opposing teams, and at last escape from the map.
  • In the extraction process, it can get quite noisy, and everything is visible as such, it provides players with the ideal opportunity for the opposing team to step in while you might be “waiting for your ride.”
  • Furthermore, a representative of Ubisoft has hinted at the possibility of Frontline having a Control mode during the launch, but not much information is revealed about the same.

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