Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed; How to Pre-order + can you play on switch?

Hey, players! Are you interested in a new game to add to your libraries? Fortunately, a new asymmetrical shooting game nearly arriving in the gaming world. No other than, Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed! Just the thought of Ghostbusters in a game is exciting! The Illfonic developers have announced the official release date of the newest game and even the start of pre-order!

Of course, we’re here to offer you the information you may need about its pre-ordering. Additionally, can you play the game on different platforms, on Switch? We’re happy to help you decide on purchasing, so stick around with us!

Pre-order Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Fortunately, the game is now open for pre-order! You can pre-purchase for all platforms available, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games Store. Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no information about Ghostbusters: SU on Nintendo Switch, but we hope the developers can make it playable on Switch! Additionally, the famous film officially turns into a game on October 18, 2022, so make sure you mark your calendars for its arrival!

  • Just an easy step-by-step guide for you to pre-purchase the game on Epic Games Store. Firstly, head to the Epic Games Store website and make sure you’re logged in to your account. Second, on the search bar, type in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed then click the game. Third, hover over the pre-purchase button, then click. The base price may also be seen on top of the said button. Fourth, choose a payment method for your game purchase. Either type in your credit card details, or it may redirect you to your online bank depending on your method. Lastly, place your order!
Ghostbusters website
Image Courtesy of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed website
  • Also, you can head to PlayStation Store or Xbox to pre-order the game as well. You can hover over the pre-order button on both sites, then choose your payment method, fill in the details, and tada we’ll experience Ghostbusters in October!
  • Significantly, upon digitally pre-purchasing the game, there are items or benefits you can receive! It gives players advance access to the Slimer, a Particle Thrower, and Proton Pack, along with special clothing colorways too! We hope you won’t miss these out, Ghostbusters!
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

More about Ghostbusters: SU

Illfonic also mentions giving further details and information about the game at the upcoming Gamescom 2022. On the other hand, besides the digital pre-purchase, the upcoming four versus one (4v1) game offers physical editions as well. You can head over to Amazon and search for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. Additionally, you can also have advance access to the following upon pre-purchase: The Basher Ghost, a Rare Ectoplast Skin, a Remote Trap Vehicle KIT, and a Special P.K.E. Meter.

  • It has Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition. However, they are yet to discuss the difference between the two editions, but the Standard costs $39.99, while the Collector’s edition at $69.99.
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Illfonic via YouTube
  • Moreover, the Ghostbusters game brings you to a universe where you save and haunt unique, different locations from ghosts all throughout the game. Be ready to slime or be slimed with your family and friends on this fun game, or play solo too! There are many locations you can explore too, so watch out for that!

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