Will former (G)I-DLE SOOJIN Successfully Come Back As A Soloist?

Will former (G)I-DLE SOOJIN Successfully Come Back As A Soloist?

Who does not know (G)I-DLE Soojin? In the recent news in the K-pop industry, one of the most anticipated comebacks is about to happen. And yes, the long wait is over for Seo Soojin’s fans as she is about to re-enter and, once again, slay the K-pop stages. There may be a few questions about her return, including whether she will succeed in returning and debuting as a soloist. Read more here to find out.

(G)I-DLE SOOJIN and Her Solo Debut

On the morning of October 16, KST, Korean news media outlets shook K-pop X (formerly Twitter)  with the news that former (G)I-DLE SOOJIN is set to debut this fall. It started with a News 1 Korea exclusive report posted on Naver that Seo Soojin is now signed under a new agency, BRD.

If that excites you, this information would have you kicking your feet up in the air: SOOJIN prepares to debut this October 2023 with BRD. [UPDATED as of October 16, 4 PM, KST]: In a Soompi report, BRD Communications said that her solo debut release will be within this year.

Let’s wait for more details about this anticipated return of the known dancer. If new announcements drop, we will keep you updated on this article.

Will former (G)I-DLE SOOJIN successfully debut as a soloist?

And the million-dollar question remains: Will she be successful? After years of hiatus, fans can finally see Soojin in the limelight again. Before the solo debut announcement dropped this October, on June 2033, Soojin created her personal Instagram account.

This already sparked a lot of discussions and thoughts that she will soon be ready to come back to the industry. With her first post on Instagram, you’ll know how much fans have missed her since being on a hiatus in 2021. Around two million people quickly followed and liked her debut IG post after a short span of hours.

With the immense longing to see her outstanding performances in singing and especially in dancing, there is no doubt that Soojin would have a successful solo career.

Soojin was (G) I-DLE’s main dancer, and clearly, you’ll know why once you see her move and groove. She has this captivating aura when she performs on stage that catches everyone’s attention. Not just her dancing skills, though; Soojin can sing and rap, too, but what fans missed the most was her stage presence. After CUBE announced Soojin’s departure from the fourth-generation girl group, her impact has always been overlooked during their performances.

Moreover, her personality off-camera is endearing. She may slay the stage with her eyes and performance, but she’s a quiet softie off-stage. In her group, she’s the “mom,” Soojin’s attentive to the members’ needs and, of course, her fans.

I can say that it wouldn’t be too rough for Soojin to gain back her fans and the hearts of K-pop fans when she debut. With her talent, visuals, and the impact of her name, Seo Soojin can and will be successful.

Fans react to the announcement

When we said impact, we meant that Soojin began trending on X. Many fans attributed the 4th Gen It Girl title to the returning idol, and fans can’t help but express their excitement and longing for Soojin. We encountered a lot of fan edits, too!

She even trended on Naver in South Korea after the solo debut announcement dropped. Furthermore, with her strong and sexy aura, fans have been betting on what concept she would do for her solo debut. If you’re familiar with Wonder Girls’ and now-soloist Sunmi, Soo may be fitting for a similar concept to TAIL.

#SOOJIN and SOOJIN IS BACK, still trending on K-pop Twitter with around 51,000 Tweets and counting. Honestly, everyone’s just excited at this point to see her come back into the industry, and we are, too!

Is it possible to see her with (G)I-DLE again?

Well, this occurrence isn’t impossible, but maybe not anytime soon. Soojin would probably take her time to get back into the game first, but perhaps we can expect some Instagram interactions once she drops her debut track!

(G)I-DLE Soojin Shuhua Yuqi Soyeon Miyeon Minnie
Image Courtesy of (G)I-DLE via X/Twitter (@G_I_DLE)

A (G)I-DLE and soloist Soojin collaboration would definitely shake the NEVERLANDs and the other fans’ worlds, NGL. And honestly, we would love to see them perform on stage again as six. It might be a pretty long wait, but hey, it could happen!

What happened to Seo Soojin before?

In 2021, school violence accusations were thrown at her, which Soojin initially denied. It reached a point where actor Seo Shin Ae claimed to be a bullying victim during their school days. This earned a lot of backlash against the former girl group member. After she departed from CUBE Entertainment, this didn’t stop Soojin. She brought it to court; however, the case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence to prove the intent of spreading false information.

But these were claimed to be false, as her legal representative released a statement that again proved Soojin’s innocence. “In her first year of middle school, Seo Soojin was acquitted by the School Violence Countermeasures Autonomous Committee and was recognized as a victim of coercion from her seniors,” according to allkpop.

We can’t wait to witness your performances again, Soo!

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