While Pokemon trainers wait for the Swablu event this month, Niantic has revealed that they’ve made an intriguing selection for June!

The highly anticipated Gible Community Day for Pokemon Go is finally here. On Twitter today, Pokemon Go revealed the first information for June’s Community Day, revealing that it will commence on June 6th and will showcase the Ground and Dragon-type Pokemon Gible!

June Community Event

Event Start: 6th of June, 11:00AM (local time)
Event End: 6th of June 5:00PM (local time)

  • Due to the rarity of Gible, it appears that Pokemon Go intended to offer players sufficient time so that they could keep their schedules open during the event.
  • The June Community Day will feature Garchomp (evolved Gibble form) learning an event-exclusive skill. Furthermore, trainers will have a higher likelihood of catching a Shiny Gible!

Gible > Gabite > Garchomp

For years, trainers have asked if Gible would ever have a Community Day event. While previous “pseudo-Legendary” Pokemon such as Bagon, Dratini, and Larvitar all had their own Community Day events. Pokemon Go followers were worried when Shiny Gible was added in December 2019.

  • Garchomp is a strong Ground-type Pokemon with a versatility that allows it to be used in Master League PVP battles, raids, and gym battles.
  • It is indeed a valuable Pokemon to have in your catalog, despite not being as advanced as other Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • If Pokemon Go chooses to make a gainful move during Community Day, its prominence could skyrocket!

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