A healthy & wealthy start for a good future

Spiel Times became a part of the video-game journalism industry on July 13, this year and I must agree “it was fun.”

Even though we never had financial supporters we strove to serve best and make a firm position in the industry with our personal investments.

We’ve finally completed 6 months of our journey and it was always, a thumbs up.

After 6 months of struggle, we are finally happy and pumped up to announce Gift4Gamers as our official partner (in crime). We hope this bonding will never break and together, we’ll share the industry from its roots.

What is Gift4Gamers and what does it do?

Gift4Gamers is an Indian organistation, well-known for being active in the Indian esports scene and worldwide gaming. They are the most generous people you’ll ever find in the videogame industry. Gift4Gamers organises giveaways, contests and collaborations to provide the deserving participants with goodies like mice, keyboards, headphones and much more.

This partnership will help our team to grab the essential resources for our community’s development as well. And that too, for a good cause. To know more, you can visit there website by clicking right here.

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