God of War Art Director developing AAA game with Netflix | All Details

God of War Art Director developing AAA game with Netflix | All Details of Raf joining Netflix

The art director of God of War, Rafael ‘Raf’ Grassetti, recently shared that he will no longer be working at one of Sony’s first-party studios, Santa Monica Studio. This signifies the conclusion of his decade-long career as a game developer and artist with Sony. However, he hinted that he has exciting plans ahead for the near future, and he’s finally shared these to the gaming community. Raf has announced that he has officially joined Netflix and is in charge of an upcoming original IP AAA game developed by Netflix themselves. Gamers are excited about the news of the former art director for God of War joining Netflix to make a new and unique game.

Rafael Grassetti Joins Netflix to Develop Original AAA Game

Netflix Enters the Gaming Arena

Netflix Games is not a phrase we hear often, but in 2021, Netflix surprised everyone by announcing they would start making video games and not just stick to streaming. In 2023, they are still releasing more and more games catering to every kind of player.

Now, the streaming giant has recognized the need to up their game by hiring one of the greatest gaming art directors in history. Together with this renowned art director for the latest God of War games, Netflix is on a mission to create an original AAA game.

Rafael Grassetti Parts Ways with Sony after Ten Years:

Renowned artist Raf Grassetti, known for his stunning visuals in God of War, says goodbye to Sony after a breathing life into various game releases for over a decade.

On May 19th, Raf shared on social media his appreciation for tech giant Sony, acknowledging the countless opportunities they provided him throughout his career. However, he also stated that he will be leaving the team, which marked a bittersweet moment.

Raf joins Netflix for an Exciting AAA Game:

After he left Sony, gamers were eagerly waiting to hear about any new ventures he might be involved in. Much to their surprise, on May 31st, Raf announced that he will be leading the development of an original AAA game for one of the leading streaming platforms today, Netflix.

With a confident swagger, the game art director stated, “Making games is what I love to do and I’m not going away anytime soon 🤝”.

What to Expect from Netflix’s Upcoming AAA Game?

A streaming platform making a great game is not something we hear often. Therefore, Netflix’s upcoming game just might be a big breakthrough in the gaming industry. While many details are still not available about the game, we can conclude that:

  • It will be a multiplatform game allowing gamers to play it from different devices.
  • Since it’s an AAA game, it will undoubtedly have a big budget for its development and marketing. It is Netflix after all.
  • With Raf in charge of the art, the game will surely have top-notch visuals coupled with a cool story. When we played God of War: Ragnarok ourselves, everything about it completely blew us away.

God of War Art Director developing AAA game with Netflix | All Details of Raf joining netflix


This joint venture between Netflix and God of War’s former art director has definitely piqued our interest. Majority of the gaming community will have its eyes on this project, as it will certainly usher in a new era of gaming.

While we still have many unanswered questions about the game as of now, one thing we’re certain about is that Netflix has made a big leap in its game development journey by hiring Rafael ‘Raf’ Grassetti.

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