People anticipated that the follow-up to God of War would be at least as good as the original. The excellent plot and game animation in God of War Ragnarok, available on both the PS4 and PS5, really made a splash. The voice acting is the aspect of it all that is most underappreciated. God of War Ragnarok’s voice actors all did a fantastic job representing their roles in the game.

The voice actors and cast from God of War Ragnarok who are back to deliver another outstanding performance are listed in this article.

God of War: Ragnarok – All voice actors


She is a brand-new figure that first appeared in God of War: Ragnarok. She plays a crucial role in Ragnarok and is a Jötunn. Her significance may have been known in advance by individuals who are more versed in ancient Norse mythology.

She is presented to Atreus as a potential love prospect and is said to be very secretive. Although the underlying motivation for her actions appears to be quite noble, there is a plot twist in store for you at the conclusion of the narrative.

Laya DeLeon Hayes is the voice actress behind Angrboda. With lovely voice acting elements added to help the audience better grasp the character, Laya does an outstanding job portraying the part. Her voice has a calmness that fits Angrboda’s personality.


The kid Kratos loves and looks after so well. Players of God Of War were somewhat taken aback by the arrival of Atreus or Loki, the child of Kratos and Frost Giant Faye. The birth of Kratos’ son was not anticipated. He was arrogant, spoiled, and immature, but as fans got to know him better, he became the game’s star. Atreus is seen working with his father once more and is as prepared as ever to face who he truly is after an amazing voyage of dispersing his mother’s ashes.

When it was revealed that Sunny Suljic will be playing Astreus again, people were shocked. Many were puzzled by how grown the youngster sounded after seeing and hearing the older Atreus. Sunny Suljic, however, is among the top voice performers in God of War: Ragnarok. He makes Atreus sound more like a teenager to demonstrate his impeccable voice-acting abilities.


Although at first, you might just think of him as a manufacturer of weapons, his narrative with his twin brother becomes more complex. With Brok’s assistance, you were able to acquire a variety of armor and better weapons at the expense of having to put up with his melancholy.

In God Of War Ragnarok, Brok makes a comeback alongside his sibling and is just as irritating as ever. Throughout the game, the brotherhood is seen going through its highs and lows, with a minor surprise later on. In addition to being very helpful, Brok is a player favorite owing to the way he communicates.

Fans will be pleased to know that Robert Craighead is making a comeback and taking on the role of Brok, the gloomy weapon builder. Every player was made aware of exactly what kind of being Brok is thanks to his performance.


He is enigmatic and cannot be trusted. You’ll see why as the story progresses. He is a dwarf who, despite having minimal onscreen time in the game, finally ends up playing a vital role.

Durlin’s appeal is mostly due to Usman Ally’s interpretation of the role.


Freya is a mystical creature that lives inside a large turtle and utilizes magic to alter the world around her. She offers support to Atreus and Kratos while they travel. She helps them out as needed by giving them guidance, tools, and support. Until she flips and reveals her actual self as a controlling mother, that is.

Freya is fiercely pursuing Kratos and Atreus in God Of War Ragnarok, hoping to exact retribution on them before everything comes to an end. It’s an intriguing perspective on the formerly kind and helpful Freya. Danielle Bisutti returns to the role of Freya in God Of War Ragnarok. She is regarded as a highly versatile voice actress. Because of this, she is regarded as one of God of War: Ragnarok‘s best voice actors overall.


The game’s main character is Kratos. Kratos struggles to find closure with his past while constantly carrying heavy secrets and being haunted by them. Additionally, he is a father who merely wants what is best for his son. His lines’ depths have had a significant impact on the gaming industry. Because of the voice actor’s hilarious voice jokes and outstanding narration, he has won many fans.

Christopher Judge, who previously played Kratos, is his voice actor. In the first installment in the 2018 God Of War series, he provided the voice of Kratos. The role was reinterpreted by Christoper Judge, who returned to continue the character’s influence on the universe.


As he says, Mimir is likely the wisest character in the game and helped Kratos and Atreus throughout the God of War Prequel. He made sure that you needed to be familiar with the game’s backstory with his crucial ideas.

He basically plays the same role in God Of War: Ragnarok. Mimir makes sure you never get restless when traveling. His tales may appear trivial, yet they are actually rather beneficial. Because of the connections he created between the two God of War stories, fans were able to predict the early appearances of characters like Odin. Alastair Duncan is back in the part of Mimir. By simply seeing his masterful performance in the game, people were able to notice the artist’s brilliance.


It was regarded to be a little challenging to find the ideal voice actor for Odin. Since Odin was mentioned multiple times in the God of War prequel, fans anticipated that the studios would find the ideal part for him. They needed to exercise caution because an actor who excels at depicting horror and scary voice acting would be needed for a complicated character like Odin with so many levels.

Well, the studios went with Richard Schiff. a voice actor who is incredibly talented for Odin. He gave the character all the effort and drive it needed.


Getting to Brok’s twin. In contrast to his brother, Sindri is actually a sweeter, more trusting person. Kratos trusted him enough to lend him his axe time and time again since he could see that he had a good heart.

Sindri returns with his brother Brok in a traditional manner. This time, they have new skills to offer. It indicates that this time around, you will still have access to amazing weapons. In order to defeat the new threat known to them as Thor, the brother team assists Kratos and Atreus in obtaining the necessary tools.

Adam J. Harrington, who returned to play Sindri, excelled in the part by lending his voice to Sindri. It felt so much more authentic how Sindri talked because of the polite demeanor he maintained throughout the game.


Has its roots in Norse mythology and is primarily responsible for Asgard’s destruction. Surtr genuinely takes some pride in being the second being to be born in the universe. Both Muspelheim and the fire giants are under his control. He is secretly honing his skills while constantly honing his abilities deep within his domain. His part in the events leading up to Ragnarok is somewhat significant in the game, and all about him will be made clear later on.

Chris Browning is the voice actor chosen to portray the malicious Surtr. Given that Surtr essentially symbolizes the annihilation of Asgard, his voice acting really brings the role to life.


Since most of the gamers were familiar with Thor as the upright hero from Marvel Universe, they assumed that he would be some sort of ally. From the earliest Norse mythology ever created, this version of Thor was characterized. Just like his father Odin, Thor is portrayed in it as being a vicious and ruthless god. Players were greatly energized by the rivalry between the two gods. It made them ponder who could portray such a compelling figure with just the perfect amount of dread in their voice.

In fact, Ryan Hurst, who plays the part of Thor in God of War: Ragnarok so expertly, was the answer. Fans were delighted after hearing about his exceptional performance as Thor’s voice actor.


Mimir reveals that Tyr was the second God of War, similar to Kratos.
Tyr was intentionally included in God of War Ragnarok this time around. In contrast to Kratos, he is thought to be benevolent at heart despite his frightening appearance. He acts as Kratos’s ally in the game and frequently supports them as they go through the world.

The casting for God of War: Ragnarok, which features probably the best voice actors of all GoW history, was brilliant. Despite not having a well-known name, most gamers have undoubtedly occasionally heard Ben Prendergast’s voice.

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