God of War: Ragnarok Director Responds to Race Criticisms

The PlayStation Showcase has shown us a lot to look forward to. However, there are some things that some fans have been complaining about. One such instance is the appearance of characters in God of War: Ragnarok. We got a look at the characters in the new title of the God of War series, and some fans are skeptical of how some of them look. One such character is Thor, and another is Angrboda.

Image Courtesy of Santa Monica Studio

In regard to Thor, fans have been disappointed to see a “fat Thor”, especially after being accustomed to the chiseled body of Marvel’s Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. The Thor depicted in the game is closer to Norse mythology, but fans are finding it hard to accept.

Image Courtesy of Santa Monica Studio

Matt Sophos Responds

There have been complaints about the portrayal of Angrboda as a person of color, instead of as a white person. This has been backed by the claim that black people did not exist in Norse mythology. One such conversation occurred as a reply to a post by cosplayer Alanna Smith who expressed her excitement to cosplay Angrboda.

Matt Sophos, the Narrative Director of the game intervened with a reply, shutting down the irrelevant claims with rhetoric: “Do they also have blue Dwarves in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all Jötunn were lily-white? Let me save you the time… you can’t. I’ve read them.”

While the conversation continued with the person trying to defend himself, Sophos had driven home his point. This seems like people are out looking for reasons to be upset. While people are upset about the accurate portrayal of Thor, demanding a recreated version, they are upset at other aspects of the game that introduce new things.

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