God of War: Ragnarok – New Game Plus mode, all details

Fans have asked for a New Game+ mode for God of War: Ragnarok. The ability to carry on your upgrades to a new game can make it an exhilarating experience. Right before the holiday season, Santa Monica Studios announced that they will add this new feature coming Spring of 2023.

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New Game Plus modes tend to have added features to the game to keep things fresh for a second playthrough. According to the studio’s Twitter account, they’ll share more details as they come closer to its release.

Insights from the Previous Installment

The 2018 God of War game also received a similar treatment, getting a New Game Plus mode a few months into its release. They added several new features in the game which can make things interesting. Since players are inherently stronger at the start, they have to change things up to keep things interesting.

Aside from carrying upgrades and abilities, new gear was available for Kratos and Atreus. It might be the case again for Ragnarok. The New Game+ in God of War also provided the ability to convert talismans into enchantments to help further optimize a player’s gear. Aside from that, they added content players could encounter.

Timed Realm Tears were introduced to the game to keep players interested. They also changed Valkyries and their attack patterns for that extra challenge. We’ll likely see something similar with Ragnarok, given Santa Monica’s track record.

God of War: Ragnarok Accessibility Features

Ragnarok is not only a sequel done right, but it goes above and beyond what fans expected. We got character development, an enthralling story, and immersion that stays true to the spirit of the original. Apart from that, they added many things to the game to help players enjoy it further. We had colorblind support, QTE control, auto looting, photo mode, and other conveniences to enhance the experience.

The studio is also working to ensure that the game has a port ready for the PC one year after the release of Ragnarok. Players recently got a hold of God of War on the PC, receiving positive reviews as expected. Its momentum is going strong. We even heard that PlayStation is planning a live-action adaptation of the franchise with a partnership with Amazon.

What to Expect with New Game Plus?

God of War: Ragnarok’s New Game Plus may reduce time traversing the realms, but that can get boring fast. You can expect beefed-up enemies and possibly new encounters that weren’t available previously. It promises to be another challenging foray, where players can experience the story in a different light.

One of the things that many players can enjoy with the New Game Plus is to access all blocked content at the start. Instead of waiting for the item to access the area, you can go through it immediately.

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