God of War: Remake for PS5 | Rumor or True?

God of War is one IP within the video game world that truly deserves a next-gen remake. It should receive the same treatment as Resident Evil 4. Rumors of the God of War trilogy remake were rampant for the past 2-3 years. But, neither Sony or Santa Monica Studio made any official announcement regarding the subject. As a result, the possibility of an upgrade stays thin but never zero.

God of War: Remake for PS5 | Rumor or True?
Screengrab Courtesy of TeaserPlay via YouTube

The only game available from the original trilogy to play either on PS4 or PS5 is the remastered God of War III version. For that reason, the newer players without access to the older gen consoles are unable to experience those initial instalments. Even if the 2018 God of War series follows a different plot, it is essential to complete the earlier trilogy to comprehend Kratos’ origin and character development. A closer connection with the players could be established with the character’s backstory. A remake can effectively solve this problem for the newer audience deviating from the 90’s or the early 2000’s generation.

The Sensational God of War Remake Trailer

  • The excitement and hype among the God of War fans were at its peak when exactly a year ago a YouTube channel dropped this concept trailer. Sadly, it was a fan made trailer, nonetheless it looked stunning while giving us a glimpse of the possibility at hand.
  • The teaser recreates the look and feel of a next generation God of War remake wielding the power of Unreal Engine 5. The resulting output is a visual treat with crisp colors, realistic character models and gorgeous environment design with life-like reflections.
  • The trailer managed to retain the core of the early GOW games, undoubtedly fueling nostalgia among the acquainted viewers.
  • It is evident from the comment section that many would throw their money at a modern day remake even having played the original counterparts.

What to Expect from God of War Remake

God of War: Remake for PS5 | Rumor or True? - Kratos
Screengrab Courtesy of TeaserPlay via YouTube

If a God of War remake for PS5 ever sees the light of the day, we may expect the following:

  • Next-Gen Visuals: Undoubtedly the first thing with a next-gen remake comes the visual upgrade. Character remodels, better lighting conditions, improved foliage, wider color palette, higher polygon (nanite) count etc. should be part of the package.
  • Modern UI and Controls: A more modern approach could replace the outdated clunky controls and user interface. This should significantly improve the gameplay experience as a whole. While on the other hand, the camera angles might or might not stay true to the original titles depending on the developers.
  • Better Narrative Design: The lore within the God of War series is impeccable as it mostly borrows from Greek mythology. However, there were few plot holes and untouched areas that could be fixed in the remake. We have seen a similar case with the Resident Evil 4 remake where the creators had to make few corrections to the older storyline.

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