God of War x Rick and Morty

There’s a new collaboration that no one probably saw it coming (aside from the people behind it though). The beloved characters of the animated series Rick and Morty went to the Nine Realms in the God of War. Many fans were surprised in seeing the advertisement video of the animated series for the iconic video game.

The advertisement video recently came out on September 5, Monday. Not long since it has already gathered a lot of engagements on social media platforms. On Twitter, the video already has 4.1 million views and 131.1k likes alone. This is a testament that the advertisement reached many people.

But why did PlayStation and Cartoon Network work together for this advertisement? Well, that is something we are going to find out in this article.

God of War x Rick and Morty advertisement collaboration

About the advertisement video

The 48-second video showed a skit about Rick being ecstatic in the new God of War. He shaved his hair and even put red paint on his head just like Kratos in the video game. He wants to go on an adventure with Morty and forces him to go into the Nine Realms.

When they arrived here, Rick finally got hold of the Leviathan Axe which Kratos owns. As Ricky looked further inside the chest box, he even teased new stuff upgrades are coming. The stuff upgrades are most likely to be found once the new God of War comes out. Meanwhile, Morty was getting attacked by the crows.

You may watch the full advertisement video below.

The advertisement video is for the promotion of the two

It was a good decision to hit two birds with one stone in making this advertisement video. Considering that the God of War is releasing its new video game, God of War: Ragnarok. While Rick and Morty just recently began its season 6.

God of War: Ragnarok
  • This much-anticipated video game is coming this year on November 9, WednesdayGod of War: Ragnarok is about Kratos and his son Atreus going on a journey in the Nine Realms. As they have to put a stop to the threat of Ragnarok.
  • The available devices for this game are only PS4 and PS5. You may now pre-order it on different websites. Such as Direct PlayStation, Walmart, Amazon, and Game Stop. The price could vary from $60 to $70 depending on the websites and game consoles you have.

Rick and Morty, Season 6
  • On September 4, the 6th season of Rick and Morty premiered with its debut episode. This comedic duo and the gang are going on a fun adventure in space. People can watch this animated series on Adult Swim or the Cartoon Network T.V cable.
  • Moreover, the second episode airs on September 11. While the rest of the episodes are still to be announced.

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