God of War is under a heavy, “painful” development stage.

Forget whatever you knew about the upcoming God of War. According to the director of the game, Cory Barlog, the gameplay is under a heavy, “painful” development stage. During an interaction with certain fans on Twitter, Barlog seemed receptive to fresh ideas (ideas like customizing own combos!) while also explaining what was going on.

Although God of War is, a basically a hard-hitting combat game where your primary instinct is to massacre hordes of enemies – this is about to change, even if slightly. I’m not saying it’s going to become worse in any respect, just more interesting. Read our ‘Everything We Know About God of War‘ to get a better knowledge on the game.

Recently, Barlog helped us clear many confusions regarding the gameplay of the game. For example, you’re not going to play or directly control Kratos’ son. You can, however, use him to help attacking or make him interact in certain situations. Kratos is still the guy you play.

Santa Monica Studios
Santa Monica Studios

Also, mini-games aren’t totally out of God of War. We’re getting something even better. No one knows what can it be, but it’ll be something to spice up the gameplay further by providing side-arcs or achievements to unlock without contributing to the main story.

The show-stealing stuff Barlog said was, quote on quote, “The combat in this game is going to be satisfying as hell to play.” It was in response to the claim that GoW is a fast-paced hack and slash combat game but without the blades it loses its charm. We now have a reason to believe that combat will still be fast-paced.

Along with combat systems, the story’s mechanics are also under heavy development. We might catch glimpses of characters from Kratos’ past in this game. To be honest, this will be more than I can ever expect from a GoW game’s story.God of WarLastly, to believe the words of Cory Barlog, “when people play the final game they will see [the] goal, and even the hardest of hearts will melt.”

So! Get ready and kicking for a heart-melting storyline with a combat style that’s improving heavily as we talk. We don’t know about the release date yet, but what we know is that God of War is coming with a bang!

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