GOG.com Giving Away Free Game, Selling $3 “Piñatas”


GOG.com has launched a sale that’s different than usual, and it’s also giving away a free game for a limited time.

The freebie game is Deadlight – the 2012 survival horror hit developed by the sexy and brutal studio, Tequila Works. You specifically get the Director’s Cut Edition for free, which includes a new mode, improved controls, and enhanced visuals. It’s free from now until August 16, 6:30PM IST / 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST.

As for the sale, unlike other GOG offers, you don’t actually know what you’re buying. Pinata Madness offers up $3/£2.39 “pinatas,” which are essentially mystery boxes. After purchasing one, you open it to find a game that carries a regular price of anywhere from $6 to $45. These are all full games, and not DLC or other things of the sort.

Pinata Madness runs until August 21. More games will be introduced to the pool between now and then. You’ll have until August 28 to open any of your purchases. Unopened piñatas will be opened and the games included will be added to your library automatically.

Meanwhile, there’s another sale going on, for gamers who know exactly what they want. Grim Fandango is down to $3/£2.09, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is $3/£2.69, Strafe is $15/£11.29, and Oxenfree  is $5.And i f you get a game that you already own, the code then becomes giftable for you to share with anyone you want.

Below is the list of all games, currently on sale –

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