Homeless man saves baby from rolling into the traffic
Homeless man saves baby from rolling into the traffic (Image via CBC News)

On a busy afternoon in a Southern California town, a former homeless man sprung into action to save a baby in a runaway pram. It was being rolled towards Bear Valley Road in the town of Hesperia by blustery desert winds. A car wash’s surveillance camera captured the whole incident.

The heartbreaking security footage depicts a great-aunt organizing things outside a car wash when a strong wind grabbed the pram with her great-nephew inside. The woman, who is apparently in her 60s, tried to follow. However, she was knocked to the ground and found it difficult to get up.

Nessman, a former homeless man, can be seen rushing to stop the pram in the video footage

Social media users praise Nessman for his heroic act
Social media users praise Nessman for his heroic act (Image via CBC News)

When a runaway stroller rolled down an open path towards approaching traffic, an unemployed truck driver, who had been homeless until lately, stepped up to be the hero.

The stroller started rolling backwards towards the busy road while a woman was unloading her car outside of the A1 Hand Car Wash in Hesperia, according to CW station KTLA. When she saw the pram roll away, she ran after it, but security footage from the scene showed her falling several times as she tried to catch up with it.

The man then leaped into the picture and manages to catch the pram just in time before it rolls into the street. He offered the woman a hug after pushing the infant back up the driveway.

Donna Gunderson, a witness, claimed she heard a woman yell for help. Then she spotted the child hurtling towards almost certain disaster. Ron Nessman, her brother, sped up to prevent the baby from tumbling into several lanes of busy traffic.

“Her knees were bleeding, she was traumatized from falling and from the baby going into traffic,” Ron Nessman said about the woman “I can only imagine what was going on in her head. It was heart-wrenching.”

According to Gunderson, Nessman sprinted towards the busy road to save the child. He returned after saving the infant to see if the baby’s fallen carer, whose knees were allegedly bleeding, was well.

“She tried everything she possibly could to get up,” Nessman told CBC News. “She was still shocked and she was crying.”

Nessman witnessed the woman fall severely while attempting to catch the stroller as he waited outside the car wash.

“Didn’t even have time to think about it, you just react,” Nessman said on Wednesday. “I knew I could get [the stroller] and I got it, and I’m thankful for that, because I really wouldn’t want to see the end result if I wasn’t there,” he added.

Nessman can be seen snatching the stroller in the footage seconds before it enters the roadway. “And I said, I got it! You know what I mean. I seen her and I felt so bad for the lady you know,” he said. He also added, “I couldn’t imagine. I got nephews and nieces and I couldn’t imagine something like that.”

The former homeless man is familiar with what it’s like to require assistance. He claimed that his last job was as a truck driver. However, in 2018, after losing a loved one, he lost his job and ended up on the streets. Three months ago, when he started to rebuild his life, his sister took him in.

“If you want something different, you’re going to do something different, and today, I want something different out of life,” he told ABC News.

Nessman expressed the expectation that his rising fame may help him land a job.

How did Twitter react?

After preventing a baby in a pram from drifting into oncoming traffic, the former homeless man has received acclaim. Once the news spread, netizens took to Twitter to shower him with praises.

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