Google Stadia hasn’t had the best of response at launch in different parts of the world. While critics have been very harsh at calling it a technical disaster, some players are yet to receive their codes for Stadia Pro despite pre-ordering very early. Amidst all that, there had been a ruckus on Twitter about the free games which is available with Stadia Pro.

Consequently, Google has come up with a clarification regarding the same. GracefromGoogle clarified on Discord that the free games will be available in the library as long as the user is subscribed to Stadia Pro. Paid games, on the other hand, will remain irrespective of the fact whether they were bought with or without discounts. Moreover, if you end your subscription and re-subscribe in the near future, you will get back your free games. This is similar to the model PS Plus and Xbox Gold offer. That being said, considering Stadia is at a nascent stage, it’d have made sense to give some freebies to users.