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The Google Play Games PC program, which was revealed last month at The Game Awards, allows users to play Google Play games on PCs. This is in addition to using mobile, tablet, and ChromeOS devices. Players will be able to pick up where they left off while moving from another device, such as their Android phone, to their computer, according to Google.

Google Play For PC

Google is launching a limited beta test of its newly announced Google Play Games for PC product in three international regions today: Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Play Points will be accessible in Google Play Games, which will be earnable by playing Android games on PCs. Google only announced its plans to bring Android games to PCs a month ago, and it’s still unknown what technology it’ll utilize. The Google Play Games app, on the other hand, will be a native Windows app without game streaming, and Google is launching a developer site today with more information for game developers.

Beta Testing Now Available

  • The release of the PC app comes on the heels of Microsoft’s recent move to bring Android apps to Windows 11, which included cooperation with Amazon and its own Amazon Appstore, as demand for cross-platform gaming has grown.
  • The Google Play Games for PC app, on the other hand, is not in collaboration with Microsoft; it is a Google-developed and distributed app. It’s also not a service that allows you to play games online. In order to play the games, players will need to download them on their computers.
Image Courtesy of Google Play

As the beta version is now available, Google says it will provide more information for Android developers to help them improve their existing games for compatibility with Windows PCs, allowing them to make use of the PC app’s extended access. Last month, Google stated that the launch of a Windows app would allow Google Play games to reach a gaming ecosystem with 2.5 billion monthly active players across all platforms.

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