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Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has completely sold out in every launch country across the globe. Stadia’s official website pages are now selling the Premiere Edition instead.

The company announced the same on their Facebook page, writing, “That’s a wrap! Stadia Founder’s Edition has completely sold out. We can’t wait to welcome all of our Founders to play Stadia on November 19.”

Stadia Premiere Edition
Stadia Premiere Edition promotion on Facebook. Courtesy of Google.

The Founder’s Edition was already selling out in most European territories, with the US and Canada close behind in mid-September. However, as of now, it’s completely sold out. “I’m super proud to tell you that the Founders Edition for Stadia has sold out in Europe,” Google’s Director of Games Jack Buser told GamesRadar. “We’ll be removing the Founders Edition from the Google Store page in EU countries today, but we’re going to replace it with a new bundle that we are calling the Premier Edition.”

The Premiere Edition bundles the Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia Controller, with three months of Stadia Pro subscription which includes Destiny 2: The Collection. You can pre-order it at $129.


  1. Mostly hot air and marketing in order to make it look desirable. Sold out means nothing, if we don’t know how much those were.

      • It’s a valid take. “Sold out” could mean a thousand in each country, or far less. Or more. Without the numbers, we DON’T know how popular it actually is.

        We DO know that claiming scarcity has the psychological effect of making people on the outside want to get in more. So this announcement will benefit them by some measure.

  2. obviously was just a deadline they had to place their order… cuz like yeah, they really sold out in all locales on the same day at the same time 😀


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