A lot has been revealed in the lawsuits between Epic Games, and Apple, and Google; showing the world a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes with these entities, as well as others. Google’s involvement is not a surprise following the heavily publicized case between Epic and Apple, but hear this: Google attempted to buy out Epic Games.

  • Documents revealed in the lawsuit have shown that Google had considered teaming up with Tencent to acquire a controlling interest over Epic. There had been a secret plot for a full-scale buyout of Epic to end the ongoing controversy. The highlight is that attempt was made after the lawsuit had been initiated, in order to end the controversy.
  • This revelation surprised everyone, including Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. This move might be Google’s attempt to eliminate Epic’s competition to Google Play’s dominance. As revealed in detail by Bloomberg, Google had planned to collaborate with industry giant and multinational conglomerate, Tencent, who had a minority interest in Epic Games.
  • Epic Games believe that Google had planned to approach Tencent for an agreement to purchase the interest from Tencent or to work together to purchase the remainder of Epic. This move would have allowed Google complete virtual control over Epic Games.

Google x Epic Games

If the deal had actually taken place, it would have meant that Google had very powerful control over a leading game developer. In addition to games, Epic is also the developer of Unreal Engine; a game engine that is a suite of creation tools for the development, content creation, and visualization of games. This might have meant the end of the independence of a prominent producer and studio very easily.

As the court proceedings continue, new details continue to emerge. All we can do is sit tight and witness the incredulous details.

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