Governor Abbott talks about Total Chaos on the border; what is Title 42?

Gov Abbott predicts chaos related to refugees due to title 42 with ABC News

Texas Governor Greg Abbott warns about chaos on the Southern borders if Title 42 is lifted. He shared his opinions about the management of refugees and immigration policy during an interview with ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz.

During the interview, Raddatz grilled Governor Abbott about his stand on yesterday’s public health order and the reasons behind it. They also discussed his takes on the accusations against him from Civil Liberties Union. Let’s take a look at the complete picture.

What is Title 42?

Title 42 is a policy imposed by former President Trump in March 2020 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy regulates foreign immigration to avoid health crises. This has affected at least 2 million lives in the previous year according to the reports of ABC News.

President Biden has planned to abolish Title 42 as the threats related to the pandemic have lowered. He plans to allot more border patrol staff to manage the changes after lifting the policy.

  • Governor Abbott is strictly opposing this decision and warns about the chaotic effects it shall have on health and border safety. He emphasizes President Biden’s decision of lifting Title 42 as a declaration of open borders. The politicians might not be aware but the smugglers have known this before the presidential elections according to him.

Governor Abbott’s stand on Title 42:

Governor Abbott believes Title 42 is a necessary policy for the safety of borders. Even if the risks of the pandemic have become manageable, one can not be sure of the health conditions of refugees. If people are coming from different states then the health risk shall continue.

  • He emphasized that the courts should intervene and prevent the lifting of Title 42 or southern borders will face chaos. The federal court has already denied the efforts of GOP states to close the border for refugees. Arizona’s attorney general Mark Brnovich confirms that the states are planning to file an appeal in High Court against the judgment.
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Reactions towards Gov. Abbott’s opinions:

Attorney of the American Civil Liberties Union Lee Gelernt has challenged the intentions of Gov. Abbott in a statement given to ABC News. He mentions the previous effort of Republicans to scrape every regulation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their health concerns are nothing but a political strategy to close borders for asylum-seekers.

  • Governor Abbott has always been tough on the immigrant policy for border security. He launched ‘Operation Lone Star‘ to catch 14,500 migrants in Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and other democratic states.
  • In response to the blames upon him he slammed that Del Rio and Eagle Pass are overwhelmed with migrants hence he moved them to sanctuary cities which are more capable to contain and support the people.
  • The ongoing political situations in Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela lead to more refugees seeking asylum through Southern borders. Abbott believes the immigrants should be filtered so priority is given to refugees and Title 42 will stop them from entering the state.
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Gov. Abbott predicts chaos related to refugees and title 42 with ABC news
Image courtesy of Twitter @GovAbbott

Opposing the reasoning of Governor Abbott, Reporter Raddatz said she hasn’t ever heard President Biden say, ‘We have an open border, come on over.” The only people saying it is Gov. Abbott, and former President Trump. Misinterpreting the statement of President Biden gives the message that borders are open.

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Time shall tell what chaos Title 42 creates by remaining or withdrawing but what is your belief about the removal of Title 42 and its effect on smugglers and illegal migrants? Let us know in the comments and follow Spiel Times to never miss the latest updates.


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