Greta Thunberg claps back at Andrew Tate in Twitter; What started this viral feud?

In an unexpected fashion, climate change activist Greta Thunberg immediately humiliates Andrew Tate in a viral tweet. After being provoked by the “alpha male” and “misogyny” enthusiast/influencer, Thunberg responds in a simple yet devastating way that broke the internet a few hours ago. As of this writing, the tweet has already surpassed 2 million likes.

The once professional kickboxer called out Greta Thunberg while he boasted his 33 cars wherein one of which is a Bugatti and the other two are Ferraris, allegedly.

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What sparked this Twitter war between two influential icons?

  • Andrew Tate, for no known reason, randomly picked Greta as her latest target of blunt shinanigans. However, Tate may not have seen this one coming as he was burned so much, his only response was “How dare you!“.
  • Tate is known for his non-sensical tactics, his boastful tweets, and misogynistic comments. He became famous on the Internet – not for a good reason – and although he was already banned on Twitter, his account was questionably reinstated after Elon Musk took over the company.
  • This ruckus may be meant to take a jab at Greta’s 2019 emotional speech about climate change which sparked a lot of noise. With how he incorporated the phrases “This is all wrong” and “How dare you”, Tate is obviously mocking Greta. However, Thunberg made a huge comeback with just one sentence!

Greta is only one of the thousands that Andrew Tate has provoked.

It’s evident that the self-proclaimed “success coach” is a certified prick. It’s even insane to hear that he still has millions of followers. He has had quite the fame in the past due to his controversial comments on women, mental health issues, polygamy, misogyny, and many more.

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He also likes to pick on guys his size. Just recently, Tate mocked Jake Paul’s boxing training on Twitter. Although to be fair, Paul definitely looks like he is training with something that looks like a dildo of some sort. Fortunately, there will be a boxing match between these two internet sensations in the future. Jake Paul has never lost in his professional boxing career while Tate hasn’t fought professionally for almost two years now. Despite Tate’s kickboxing prowess, he is still no match to the up-and-coming YouTuber turned pro boxer. Paul even beat Anderson “Spider” Silva in their match last October which already puts him as a great contender. Thus, the odds are in favor of Paul winning the upcoming match. Further details of the match will be announced soon.

Andrew Tate Jake Paul tweet fight

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