Greta Thunberg defeats Andrew Tate in Kickboxing; Wikipedia edit explained

The world may have been stirred still when the TOP-G Kickboxer-turned-Influencer, carrier of the aggressive go-getting-masculine drive Andrew Tate took beef with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Now, a Tweet showing a temporary Andrew Tate Wikipedia edit has gone viral. What are the contents of such Andrew Tate vs Greta Thunberg Hoax in Wikipedia?

Greta Thunberg vs Andrew Tate: Why Tate started it

  1. First thing first, Andrew Tate has never been a believer of Greta or her activist causes. To take a sassy dip into the most roastable aspects of Greta, Andrew Tate tried to hit her with his best game.
  2. Boasting his Bugatti W16 quad-turbocharged sixteen-cylinder engine is hardly new for Andrew Tate. But the mockery intention here probably lies in the way Greta inclines herself towards the environment. Of all the things she stands for, one of the things she stands against is also directly or indirectly a rapid growth of industrialization.

And guess which aspect of mechanical industrialization is very related to pollution in general? Factories? Of course. But you guessed it, cars. 

Why Andrew Tate’s 33 cars is a direct attack at Greta’s activism

Greta Thunberg vs Andrew Tate
Taken from another Spieltimes article Image feature

Cars seem to be the forefront shining jewel of Andrew Tate’s driving masculinity. His tweet was indicative of a certain tonality. This tonality said, “Hey Greta, shut your environmentalist crap, look, I got this W16 Sixteen-cylinder Piston engine. This engine will put more emissions in the environment than your 19-year-old activism can cope with”. (Not literally).

Greta’s reply, smalldickenergy?

Now things changed for the worse when Greta took it upon herself to indulge in your usual internet-roasting battle. In Greta Thunberg vs Andrew Tate this time, the stakes weren’t some random Reddit dudes fighting over their political beliefs.

Andrew Tate Wikipedia Kickboxing edit controversy
Image Courtesy of Andrew Tate via Instagram @cobratate

This time, it was TOP-G Andrew Tate and climate activist Greta Thunberg. For someone who called Donald Trump out with a “how dare you!”, one would expect some heavy hitting. And that’s what she did.

  • Replying to Andrew Tate’s anti-environmental W16 Bugatti engine irony, was Greta’s own scorny wits. Although the contents of her message are equally debatable among the left-leaning group. Some people even burst out saying that she shouldn’t fall to a level to use body shaming demeanors.

What is the Greta Thunberg defeats Andrew Tate Wikipedia edit all about?

Well, you read it. Apparently, to some fans, this was such a mindblown moment, one John Doe may have gone as far as editing Tate’s Wikipedia page. Andrew Tate’s kickboxing history will put any to shame. The losses are tremendously less compared to the wins.

What someone did, and Twitter user IvanMoore1 put this out, is that they changed Andrew Tate’s Wikipedia page. They changed it to show that Greta Thunberg beat him in a kickboxing match. This record was put under his Kickboxing record section.

  • This is one of those moments when the Internet has gone completely haywire. At first, Greta’s witty response was not something anyone predicted.
  • Andrew Tate, as the masses see it, could not come up with a befitting reply. Internet roast battles happen in every dark nook and cranny of the surface web.

Be it Reddit, Facebook comments, or Youtube comments. We see these roast battles if we know where to look. But the Internet’s two big celebrities going like this is something unpredictable. What is even more unpredictable is how Andrew Tate could not come up with anything better. His response?

Who do you think won the show? Is it the undefeatable TOP-G Andrew Tate or climate activist Greta Thunberg? Let us know in the comments section down below. Do you think that in this game, Greta Thunberg defeats Andrew Tate? Also if you find the person responsible for the Andrew Tate Wikipedia edit, let us know that as well.

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