GTA 6: All Vehicles Revealed + Other Trailer Easter Eggs

Hold onto your hats and neon swimsuits because GTA VI is officially hitting the sun-soaked streets of Vice City! The recent explosive trailer has ignited a wildfire of speculation and excitement among fans. While the official release date is still basking in the Florida sun of 2025, let’s strap in and take a deep dive into the vibrant details Rockstar Games has generously thrown our way.

Speeding Through Sun-Kissed Streets

Rev your engines, because GTA VI is rolling out a jaw-dropping fleet of vehicles. Classic muscle cars like the Bravado Banshee share the asphalt with amphibious helicopters, sleek yachts, and everything in between. Vice City’s roads (and waterways) won’t be lonely anytime soon. And for the car aficionados, the trailer hints at a revamped LSCM-style car meet – so dust off your chrome polish and get ready to showcase your customized masterpieces.

GTA 6 Vehicles
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

GTA 6: All Vehicles Seen in the Trailer

Maibatsu Sanchez Albany Buccaneer
Pegassi Bati 801 Albany Cousin
Dinka Blista Annis Hellion
Nagasaki Outlaw Benefactor Dubsta
Nagasaki Street Blazer Bravado Banshee
Buckingham SuperVolito Bravado Buffalo STX
True Dinka Bravado Gauntlet Classic
Maibatsu Frogger Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
Pegassi Speeder Brute Bus
Sea Sparrow Canis Bodhi
Shitzu Tropic Cheval Fugitive
Speedophile Seashark Declasse Granger 3600LX
Western Company Maverick Declasse Tornado
Mammoth Dodo Declasse Tulip
Declasse Let’s Go Dundreary Landstalker
Canis Bodhi Enus Jubilee
Seminole Frontier Faction Custom Donk
Dundreary Landstalker Grotti Cheetah Classic
Karin Intruder Grotti Furia
Karin Futo Invetero Coquette D10
Vapid Sandking XL Pegassi Zorrusso
Vapid Chino Pfister Comet Retro
Vapid Caracara Vapid Caracara
Vapid Saddler Vapid Chino
Vapid Liberator Vapid Liberator
Vapid Stainer Vapid Saddler
Vapid Youga Vapid Sandking XL
Bravado Gauntlet Classic Vapid Speedo
ThrillBilly Mud Club (Mud Trucks) Pfister Comet S2
High Rollerz (Luxury Vehicles) Imposing Ruins
TrillBilly Grotti Charring
Cerveza Borracho Vapid Youga

Beyond the Asphalt

GTA VI isn’t just about four wheels. Take to the skies in biplanes and seaplanes, or get your adrenaline pumping with dirt bikes and ATVs (just watch out for those pesky cops!). For those who prefer a slower pace, cruise the turquoise waters on speedboats or bask in the luxury of your very own three-deck yacht. The iconic Maverick helicopter and Dodo seaplane from Vice City are making a glorious comeback, infused with a dash of “Miami Vice” vibes.

GTA 6 Boats
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Life (and Crime) in the Sunshine State

But it’s not all sunshine and palm trees. GTA VI plunges headfirst into the seedy underbelly of Vice City. Classic robberies like gas pumps and banks mingle with more intricate heists like watch shops and, perhaps, even yachts.

Meet the protagonists, Lucia (the first-ever female lead!) and Jason (yet to be confirmed), channeling their inner Bonnie and Clyde, navigating a life on the edge with trust as their only currency. Keep an eye on Lucia’s ankle bracelet – could it restrict her movement, adding a unique gameplay twist?

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A World Alive with Detail

Rockstar is sparing no effort to immerse you in Vice City. The trailer bursts with life – bustling beaches, neon-lit clubs, and the occasional wandering alligator (it is Florida, after all). The animal kingdom isn’t left out, with dolphins, sharks, and flamingos adding a touch of nature to the urban jungle. Haitian and Cuban gangs hint at familiar turf wars, while new players like “High Rollerz” and “TrillBilly” gangs promise fresh trouble.

GTA 6 Trailer 1 - alligator inside the store
Screengrab courtesy of Rockstar (via YouTube)

Satire that Bites

Rockstar’s signature social satire is front and center in GTA VI. From recreating viral videos like the “woman with two hammers” incident to mocking “nine and dash” diners, the game promises to skewer our current cultural landscape with its sharp wit. And let’s not forget the Florida Man himself – the trailer throws in a few nods to his legendary exploits, reminding us that reality can be stranger than fiction, especially in the Sunshine State.

Just a Taste of Paradise

Packed into a mere minute and a half trailer, it’s hard to fathom what Rockstar has in store for the full game’s release in 2025. GTA VI promises to be a sun-drenched playground of vehicular mayhem, thrilling heists, and sharp social commentary, all wrapped in the neon-kissed embrace of Vice City. Until then, we’ll be busy planning our escape routes, customizing our rides, and maybe even practicing our best gator-wrangling skills.

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