After over a decade since the last game’s release, Rockstar Games has officially announced that they are working on GTA 6. On Twitter, an alleged Grand Theft Auto VI screenshot was shared.

Fans like myself have been wanting Rockstar Games to release the next entry in the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, and we now have evidence that GTA VI is in the works.

Some fans believe they knew what the plot of GTA 6 would be all along, but we’re confident that Rockstar won’t reveal anything until the official trailer is out.

The release of this game has been the subject of much speculation over the last few years, thanks to rumored leaks and fan theories. Everyone is eager to learn more about the game, from rumored photographs of a Vice City map to enthusiasts believing they discovered a plot clue in a GTA Online trailer.


According to this tweet, GTA VI will take place in Miami, which is the same location as the earlier chapter, Vice City. An unknown Reddit user previously posted a deleted leak regarding the game.

The OP claimed in this post that he had screenshot an earlier leak providing some information regarding GTA VI and that the original poster was able to play GTA VI using a PS5 devkit. If you want to take a look at it, here’s a link.

True or not, it heightens the excitement among anxious fans and makes us even more eager to see what happens in the coming weeks, since Rockstar Games is expected to unveil and release the trailer sooner rather than later.

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