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GTA 6’s release date has been a topic of discussion among insiders in the gaming business for years, but very few of their most enthusiastic projections have been confirmed so far. Finally, a leaker has given an assurance on the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 after all these years of rumors and speculations. 

The leaker claims that Rockstar is now planning to release its eagerly awaited game around the 2024 holiday season. The report also revealed further information about the game’s development, suggesting that the developers would hold some content for DLC in GTA 6.

Very early gameplay footage for Grand Theft Auto 6 was leaked online a few months ago, purportedly revealing information about the game’s protagonists, Vice City as the backdrop, and several gameplay mechanics. This leak, one of the biggest in the industry’s history, heavily impacted the game.

GTA 6 expected release date and the DLC content

Tez2, a renowned insider at Rockstar Games, stated on a GTA fan forum report that the publisher aims to release the series’ next entry during the 2024 holiday season despite facing several internal setbacks, but it’s possible that it may be pushed to 2025.

Since the management will have a greater understanding of the project’s condition, the forced return-to-office policy may lead to an earlier announcement of GTA 6. Nevertheless, doing so increases the risk of losing top engineering expertise, which may easily result in additional delays.

Tez2 further stated that Rockstar may trim features originally planned for the main game in order to release it sooner, saving the content for future DLCs. It would mark a significant divergence from Rockstar’s release of GTA 5, which included and still features, ongoing content additions to its online multiplayer.

Rockstar had earlier disclosed the last two GTA titles two years before they hit the market. Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably follow a similar release schedule to Grand Theft Auto 5, which Rockstar Games first teased in 2011, two full years before the publisher officially made it accessible to all players. If the game is genuinely aiming for a 2024 or 2025 release, then fans can bet on the unveiling happening at some point later this year.

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