GTA 6 isn’t cancelled; may support VR and 4K

We aren’t sure if it’s you or someone else, but GTA 6 rumors are way too critical

The previously rumored cancellation of the most-awaited video-game has now been upgraded to a potential release in 2016. That’s right. Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) might as well be arriving this year, according to NSEA Voice. Of course the game won’t be completely ready, but we may see something great unveiled this year.

NSEA Voice mentions that ‘the developers have had sufficient time already since its predecessor was launched three years ago.’ They’ve further added that Rockstar Games could be developing the game in a concealed way.

On the other hand, it is heavily rumored that ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ could be ready by 2018. “This rumor is predicated by the logic that Rockstar is ideally releasing its iterations in a four-to-five-year spaced timeline. In retrospect, “GTA 5” was released in 2013. If this pattern is to be believed in then “GTA 6″ is most likely to be launched in 2017 or 2018.” – Christian Daily.

Another rumor says that the game will support Virtual Reality (VR) and will be 4K-ready. We hope to see these features in a good spotlight at E3 2017. Rockstar is breaking its bones, making its current iteration GTA 5 better. They’ve already announced the forthcoming DLC and that it’s releasing on October 4. Along with the Bikers DLC, a Halloween DLC can be expected this month as well.

“Whether Rockstar would stick to its reputation of releasing “Grand Theft Auto” installments based on its infamous pattern or not launching “GTA 6″ at all, it would still bode well for the game developer as the company, despite its launching quirks, has always been at the top of its game.” (Conclusion at its best, by Christian Daily)