GTA fans! Grand Theft Auto is back on its sixth installment and here are the latest leaks and updates you have to know. Stick around with us!

GTA Sixth Installment

Image Courtesy of Rockstar

We have good news and quite sad news! The good news is that Rockstar Games officially announced another GTA installment nearing a decade after the last Grand Theft Auto was released. Well, the sad news is that Rockstar being Rockstar keeps everything under their roofs. There is no specific date of release yet nor a release window. The devs are kind of strict on leaks and spills however, we may have little information up on our sleeves.

GTA 6 Latest Leaks

Just a disclaimer, all information about GTA 6 that you may read here is not confirmed by Rockstar Games. They have not verified any leaks and speculations that have been out, by the way!

We’re starting this off with a statement from Rockstar saying that the sixth franchise of GTA is “well underway”. Also, according to Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 6 must “exceed players’ expectations”.

Additionally, there is speculation that the upcoming GTA release would be by March 2024. Also, similar to GTA 5, the sixth is possible to have a standalone online mode with a larger map.

Moreover, there is a reliable source on Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier who mentioned that there are no three protagonists in the upcoming GTA franchise. He replied in a thread on Reddit about a leak on the said game. You may refer to his reply below!

Schreier has a track record of reporting in-depth about Rockstar, well, we can say that he is like an insider. To the extent that he may not be confirming anything, we may have to believe him either way because he’s that type of insider. So we can expect that there are no three protagonists in the sixth GTA.

GTA 6 Possible Setting and More

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Again, there are no official details from Rockstar regarding the possible setting of the GTA 6. Well, it’s for us to wonder right now, eh? However, there are a few rumors about where it can take place.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may happen in a theme park version which GTA features in the game. The speculated regions where GTA 6 would happen are in Vice City in the 80s or San Andreas! Speculations are not confirmed, so maybe we would want to wait for Rockstar’s details!

Other cities where GTA took place were Los Angeles and New York. Well, London has been one of the most requested locations, so what if they bring GTA there? We can’t wait!

Furthermore, there’s also an intriguing question on how GTA Online would work after the GTA 6’s launch. After the Tom Henderson video, it has been the talk of the players about the expansion of the single-player map and new map locations, and even downloadable content (DLC) which leads to online mode accessibility. If this DLC continues, Rockstar can start GTA 6 Online after launch and gradually build up the game over time. Surely, fans will be delighted!

That’s it for now! Tune in with us to know more about GTA 6!

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Are you ready for the sixth GTA? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or let us know your thoughts about this newest Grand Theft Auto franchise, in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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