GTA 6 Leak: Artist Removes Listing From Resume After A Cursory Inquiry

Earlier today, an eagle-eyed individual spotted a listing of GTA 6 in an ex-Rockstar Games artist’s resume which has now been removed.

GTAForums member ApolloThunder was the first to spot the listing on Bibin Michael’s ArtStation resume. The listing on his resume said: “Jr Vehicle Artist at Rockstar games, Bang[a]lore, India,” with the description: “Create concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta 5 dlc and upcoming Gta6.” GTA 6 Leak: Artist Removes Listing From Resume After A Cursory Inquiry

Bibin is an “Experienced 3D Game Artist” as he claims on his ArtStation profile who has worked on many vehicle modellings for series like Forza, Dirt Rally, Grid and F1. He was also a part of Red Dead Redemption II’s development team. Take a look –

Bibin Michael
Bibin Michael

I discovered the same on ResetEra while scrolling through the threads. In an attempt to get the information confirmed, I mailed Bibin at 9:17 pm IST, where I wrote, “Hey Bibin. So what type of vehicles did you design for GTA VI? Anything innovative? And how does Vice City look like in GTA VI?”

At 9:23 pm, Bibin’s reply notification came in. “Who the hell are you… I cannot disclose anything,” he wrote.

At 9:26 pm, I replied, “Your resume on ArtStation had this: “Create concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta 5 dlc and upcoming Gta6″. So, was curious,” with an image attachment of his ArtStation resume.

At 9:41 pm, I sent another email saying, “Regardless, I’d love to know what you were working on.”

At 9:45 pm, Bibin replied, “Don’t b so curious… it is none of ur business.”

At 9:52 pm, I wrote, “Can you just confirm if GTA VI is in the making? If yes, what’s the progress. I won’t be asking any more questions from here onward.”

At 9:54 pm, he reverted back with, “I don’t know. i am not working with rockstar. Go to hell. I am not responsible for anything… If u want u just go ahead and ask rockstar….”

At 9:55 pm, I further asked, “Were you involved?”, to which, at 9:59 pm, he replied, “Do u have a problem……,?”. I decided not to trouble him any further.

Very interestingly, just a few minutes after his final message arrived, I checked his resume hoping for a change. And yes, there was one. He removed the listing. If you go and check his resume now, you won’t find the initial listing.

Here’s the entire email chain –

GTA 6 Leak: Artist Removes Listing From Resume After A Cursory Inquiry
Bibin’s email id has been censored.

Bibin’s terms with Rockstar Games India, here as a Game Designer, has been listed on his LinkedIn profile as well. However, it doesn’t say which games he was associated with. We’re also planning to email Rockstar for a comment on the same. However, we doubt they’ll ever reply. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Dude… just the way he acts like a prick to you for simply asking questions is insane. I would never hire a dude who treats random people asking questions like that. The fuck is that dudes problem? He made a mistake leaving that shit out there on his resume, and apparently its your fault for asking him about it? What a cunt Bibin is.

  2. You utter cockholes have probably gotten the poor chap fired for something as obvious as ‘Is the sky blue? Yes’.


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