GTA 6 Leaks – What is Jason’s special ability?

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Rockstar Games are among the most famous global developers because of their popular franchise Grand Theft Auto. Their last release, GTA 5, was a huge global success; ever since then, people have been waiting for its sequel. To our luck, the confirmation of the game came into existence in 2022. With several leaks floating around, we found a leak pointing towards the “special ability of GTA 6’s protagonist Jason“. Here is everything you need to know about this GTA 6 leak.


What is Jason’s Special Ability in GTA 6?

Special Abilities first appeared in Grand Theft Auto 5, and from a tweet of leaked gameplay of GTA 6, it can be safe to assume that Rockstar Games will have these special abilities specific to characters in GTA 6 as well. Following are the things we can figure out from the Tweet about Jason’s abilities in GTA 6:

  • The screen seems to go monotone when Jason’s special abilities trigger.
  • He seems to have a special ability to highlight valuable objects against the scene’s monotone setting. This can come in handy for spotting loot during a robbery.
  • This ability looks similar to the Dead Eye Targeting ability in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it doesn’t look like time slows down when you activate Jason’s special ability in GTA 6.

Who is Jason in GTA 6?

Rockstar Games are known for creating amazing protagonists for their games. There will be 2 protagonists in GTA 6, and the male one is named Jason (subject to change at the release of the game). In addition, he will be a white American with his accent influenced by the southern region of the USA. From the leaks, we can expect his default outfit to be a greasy T-shirt, shorts, and a cap.

Other protagonists in the story

In addition to Jason, Rockstar Games is bringing a female protagonist to the game named Lucia. According to speculations and leaks, Lucia is Latin. So far, there is no information about special abilities of Lucia. Keep checking back, as we’ll post about any other information on Lucia soon.

As of writing, Rockstar Games has not explained how the two characters in their upcoming GTA game are related.

When is the game releasing?

Taking into account the number of details required to create an open-world game that lives up to the expectations of its predecessors like GTA 5, we expect this game to release no earlier than the holidays of 2024. Although there is no official announcement from Rockstar yet, we hope to see more gameplay and trailers from this upcoming game in 2023.

What do you think about Jason’s alleged special ability in GTA 6? Who will you choose to play between the two protagonists once the game is released? Let us know in the comments below. You may also share any questions regarding other GTA 6 leaks and Jason’s ability in the comments. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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