With a slew of spills and speculations referring to Vice City as the main setting for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto game, enthusiasts have been on the lookout for clues from Rockstar, and they argue they’ve discovered something on Instagram!

GTA 6 Returning to Vice City?

  • Following a suggestive Instagram story tagging Rockstar Games, Tony Mesones (Rockstar Games Music Manager) is sparking more suspicions about GTA 6 returning to Vice City.
  • When a screengrab of the story was posted on Reddit, prediction began to fly, notably since Rockstar Games was mentioned in the image.
  • Because Instagram stories only last a day, the image or snapshot date is unclear. However, that did not deter some gamers from assuming it was yet another GTA clue.
  • Numerous users mentioned it was just a plain leisure picture that players were interpreting too far into, but it appeared unusual to tag your brand while on a trip – something Reddit users also mentioned.

The manager of Rockstar games music shared a picture of South Beach Miami on his ig story from GTA6

Notable User Comments

  • “Very true but why did they @ Rockstar Games, is there an event going on related to them. If you’re on a vacation, why tag your employer? Unless they covered it, of course.” – TheCreativeKid323
  • “look on the left side just under the picture. he tagged Rockstar. obviously people will come to the conclusion of GTA 6… or GTA Vice City Remastered I guess… that could be a thing.” – i_am_do_reddit_now
  • “Whats so special is that he tagged his employer. If it would purely be a private trip, he wouldn’t have done that. HOWEVER, this might just be correlated with the remaster of vice city.” – chris24898

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