GTA 6 to be 500 Hours Long; Rumor Says

GTA 6 could be over 500 hours long, a new rumor says. This could mean a gigantic open world with tons of things to do and thousands of places to explore. Here’s everything about the rumor.

The rumor comes from Michael Pachter, a games analyst. According to Pachter, GTA 6 will feature the locations Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, London, and other international ones as well.

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He says Rockstar Games started development on GTA 6 in 2015 and the story was in the works since 2014. “…GTA is gonna take ten years or more and the reason is, my understanding is, it is a mashup of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, so GTA 3, and Europe, London for sure,” Pachter said in a YouTube video. “And you’re gonna be able to go anywhere on those continents, Europe and the US, and you’re gonna have missions that take you all those places.

“It will probably be a 400-500 hour game by the time they get it out.”

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On February 4, Rockstar Games confirmed that they’re working on the next GTA installment but we all know it has been in the works for a very long time now. Apart from the confirmation, we don’t have any other official information regarding the game.

It must be noted that Pachter hasn’t always been right with his information. So, don’t consider this an official source of information but just another rumor on the internet.

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