GTA 6: When will it come out? | Latest Rumors you should see

GTA 6 is on the news again due to a few major leaks that have surfaced recently. These leaks or rumors give us an idea about important details like the game’s possible price and release date. Along with these, intriguing speculations about various gameplay features are rampant. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the latest leaks and rumors surrounding GTA 6. So be sure to go through all of it.

Latest Rumors About GTA 6

Rumored Pricing

GTA 6: When will it come out? | Latest Rumors you should see - Leaked Price
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GTA 6 is one of the most ambitious titles that is under the works by Rockstar Games. It carries the pressure and expectations to uphold the glory of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. As such, the company can not afford the game to fail or be subpar. For that reason, the game’s development has already consumed a substantial amount of resources in the form of money and time.

  • The upcoming GTA installment has been in development for almost 10 years. According to many, Rockstar has spent $1 billion on the game during this time period. At the same time, others claim the figure to be around $2 billion.
  • Naturally, to profit from the retail sales, such a high-budget game would have to rely on a steep price tag. Judging from the latest leaks, this price tag could be somewhere around $150.
  • Surprisingly, this would be a lofty price compared to other modern-day titles. If the leak turns out to be true, it will be bad news for most gamers. However, there are avenues to profit from the online microtransaction model for GTA 6.
  • In our opinion, it’s unlikely that GTA 6 would actually cost $150 per unit.

Leaked Announcement and Release Date

GTA 6: When will it come out? | Latest Rumors you should see - Leaked Announcement Date
Screengrab Courtesy of Luxie97 via YouTube
  • Not too long ago, a leaked tweet contained a voice note from Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick stating that there would be an announcement about GTA 6 on October 23rd, 2023. Additionally, the audio revealed that the game will come out a year later, in October 2024.
  • There is a possibility that the voice note was fake and was generated with the help of AI tools.
GTA 6: When will it come out? | Latest Rumors you should see - Copyright Claim
Screengrab Courtesy of Luxie97 via YouTube
  • Nonetheless, the tweet was taken down with a copyright claim from Take-Two Interactive. So, there might be a thin chance that the leaked audio was an authentic statement by the CEO.

Other Gameplay Rumors

Below are some of the gameplay-related rumors that have been going around for a while.

Possible Cover
Courtesy of SonyMouse via YouTube
  • GTA 6 will feature a branching storyline that depends on the player’s choices. Each in-game choice will hold significant consequences, and the players will get to experience multiple different endings based on that.
  • There will be a variety of ways through which you will be able to interact with the NPCs. You might be able to hold random conversations with them using text-based dialogues.
  • The mission design will be non-linear, allowing you to freely explore and approach each quest in your own way.
  • The makers are using AI tools to breathe life into the game. This is going to result in a more dynamic and personalized in-game world.
  • There could be subtle hints, digs, and Easter eggs referencing real-life events like the Florida man meme.
  • GTA 6 will have longer day and night cycles with dynamic weather conditions.

These were some of the latest leaks and rumors about GTA 6. How many of these rumors are you expecting to be true? Let us know in the comments below.

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