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In this article, we will discuss the rumored fireball codename in GTA 6 and what could this mean for the franchise, and what we know so far about the new character. Enjoy!

Even though the game’s makers haven’t yet shown any gameplay, the fans will probably be very excited about this update. There will probably be more information, so be sure to visit our website for the most recent information on GTA 6.

Rockstar Devs Focusing on GTA 6

This information was released shortly after Rockstar stated that they were glad to report that active development for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto installment is already well underway. They also officially confirmed that GTA 6 is in the works.

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Fans of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) discover an online post that might give away the game’s codename and a new character we’ll encounter in the forthcoming installment of the game. Rockstar does appear to be concentrating more and more on GTA 6, but nothing more is publicly known.

Red Dead Online On-hold

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans had a fantastic few weeks, whereas Red Dead Online supporters have had a bad month. Rockstar has declared that Red Dead Online content progress speed is decreasing. This is in order to transfer its attention to Grand Theft Auto 6’s enormous expectations.

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This may give us more hope for the coming weeks and may possibly grab some more juicy info about this forthcoming title.

 Is GTA 6 Codename ‘Fireball Video Game’ the old ‘Project Americas’?

The high-profile project may have used many codenames to keep the identity of the game tightly under wraps. It was originally believed that GTA 6’s codename was “Project Americas.”

Although the reason for the deletion of “Fireball Video Game” from Monet’s résumé is unknown, it is most likely because Rockstar does not want any information regarding the next game to be revealed beforehand.

Over the years, there have been a ton of Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and leaks, most of which are probably fake. Since Rockstar is unlikely to make any official announcement for months or even years, all reports should be treated with caution.

  • On the other hand, some investigators believe they may have discovered information connected to the videogame.
    • Fans discovered Natonia Monet’s resume online, as Dexerto and the GTAForums have both reported.
    • She played the role of Tamara in the computer game “Fireball,” according to her CV.
    • Due to relationships between the actress’s employment agency and Rockstar Games, many believe that this is related to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Possible Female Lead 

The codename for Grand Theft Auto 6 is Fireball, and Tamara is one of the characters she plays, according to her CV.

Image Courtesy of Wayback Machine
Image Courtesy of Wayback Machine
  • Monet’s resume has subsequently been revised, which truly sets off this notion even if it is unclear whether she is the primary or a supporting character.
  • All mentions of Fireball and Tamara were deleted immediately after the discovery and enthusiasts connected it to GTA 6.
    • Fans begin to think that the idea might be correct as a result of this.

We do remember that GTA 5 has 3 protagonists. Therefore, this theory that there would be a female lead in the game is possible. She may be one of the few Main Characters in the game. 

Jason Schreier shot down rumors about GTA 6 having 3 protagonists

This most recent piece of information, in contrast to the majority of rumors and leaks, comes from a trustworthy source. Additionally, this source claims that there won’t be as many protagonists as in the last game.

  • Jason Schreier, a writer for Bloomberg, has the most recent reported nugget about the game.
    • The journalist debunked the most recent GTA 6 claim on the internet using Reddit. This confirms that the game will not include three protagonists like GTA 5.
    • We all know that  GTA 5 included three playable protagonists, who you may swap between at any time.
    • It goes without saying that the news will be disappointing to some fans who were looking forward to the possibility of switching between characters while on a mission once more, but it is yet another illustration of the necessity to be cautious about what GTA 6 rumors you accept.

Since the game won’t be released for several more years, if Rockstar hasn’t confirmed some elements, leaks may become outdated soon after they’re disclosed. Because of this, it’s wise to never take them at face value.

Possible Number of Characters

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With that, we can safely say that he didn’t mention if it’ll be more or less than 3 right? So only 3 ideas come to our mind. A lone wolf, a duo, or a gang.

  • A lone wolf would be a classic GTA-style of this game that would be like the old-school vice city.
  • A duo in which Tamara, the alleged female lead will have a male counterpart.
    • Also, in the past reports, we’ve heard that the game’s protagonist will be a woman.
    • Other reports have said that there will really be two protagonists—a brother and a sister.
  • A gang, like GTA 5 but with more playable characters, and a possible Heist mission in the latter part of the story mode.

All of these are great ideas but we can’t tell for sure until we hear or get more info from reliable sources.

Actor/Musician Dave Jackson as Police Chief Captain

It has happened before that a celebrity unintentionally revealed a minor plot point for GTA 6. Actor and musician Dave Jackson revealed on Facebook in August of last year that he had been chosen to play Captain McClane, the game’s police chief.

We still have some time before the release of GTA 6, it would be reasonable to presume, given that the voice acting stage of production is still rather early on. It has even been suggested by a leaker that it might not arrive until the end of 2024.

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Source: Wayback Machine

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