Grand Theft Auto V, the open world, action-adventure game by Rockstar Games was released in 2013. It has also been the last GTA game to release, five years after the previous installation, 2008’s GTA IV. It is available to play now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. While fans have been greatly satisfied with the game and its continuous updates, it is fair to say that it has been far too long without a new game added to the series. Not many fans can deny that they would like a new game with new features, storyline, and gameplay. One fan was bold enough to interrupt a live TV show to voice this thought!

As we near the day when Rockstar Games is going to present the third reissue of GTA V, one fan interrupted a live episode of the German TV show Schlag den Star to ask “where the hell is GTA 6?” The fan, who identified himself as Taser, stormed the stage and said to the host, Elton, “Have a nice day, my name is Taser. I would like to know where the hell is GTA 6? I’ve been waiting for GTA 6 for 8 years.”

Where is GTA 6?

When Elton told him that he has no idea when the game will be released, Taser said, “The best we can do now is yell at the camera: WHERE is GTA 6?” Elton replied to him jokingly, “No, I don’t need it. I haven’t finished GTA 5 yet.” Following this short conversation, the fan was led off stage by security.

The celebrity on the show was alarmed by the way Taser took to the stage, but all he wanted to know was when a new installation of one of our favorite games will be released! Well, don’t we all want to know, too? Check out this incident in the video link given below:

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