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The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition did not get off to a good start. The game had also been pulled from stores for some period due to issues. In addition, several bugs have plagued the game. While the Trilogy has received some updates that seek to fix the bugs, some of them still seem to exist.

The Save Issue

One of the major issues has been the inability to save the game. This bug seems to still persist in the game. Reddit user Agozzo97 has shared a clip that demonstrates the issue. A glitch in GTA: San Andreas’ Definitive Edition is preventing players from saving at any save point in the game.

This is unacceptable. from GTA

Players who have experienced the nostalgic world of GTA games would know that they need to locate the save icon discs in certain locations. When the player touches this disc, the game will prompt the player to save the game. However, when the player touches the floating floppy disk, there is no prompt. The save disc just disappears.

Possible Fix

  • Reddit user Agozzo97 had shared his clip from gameplay on the PS4. However, it is not just eh PS4 that is facing issues with the game.
  • Other players on other platforms such as PC and the Nintendo Switch are facing similar issues. Agozzo97 states that in each case, the floating save disc just disappears.
  • The only solution is that found by some other fans. This is to go back to an older save. Though this might fix the issue, it would mean that the player will have to lose all the progress they have made. They might have to redo missions, buy mansions, earn money, any of the things that they had done since the last save.

Such issues are disheartening fans of the iconic open-world nostalgic series. The expectations for the Definitive Editions were high. While bugs and issues are expected, especially so in open-world games such as GTA, the current issues are disappointing GTA fans more than ever.

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