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There’s something new for all Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans to try and play. New gameplay has arrived today which is GTA The Criminal Enterprises. This expands the world of GTA games but in this version, it focuses on criminal careers.

There are a lot of new features such as people, vehicles, and more. Get to know more about the new game as we get you the latest details about it.

About GTA The Criminal Enterprises
Image Courtesy of @GTASeries via Twitter

There’s an economic crisis going on in the Southern part of San Andreas. The crisis eventually caused chaos all over the place and some group of people is taking advantage of it. These groups that would put up roles in the chaos are the Executives, Nightclub Owners, Gunrunners, and Bikers.

Players have to go up in the criminal ranks for a better record in this game. So players have to go on and complete each mission along the way.

  • Executives – They are from the Executive Office and they are in charge of the Special Cargo supplies for the criminals.
  • Nightclub Owners – What’s a party without chaos? Nightclub owners are up for the Club Management missions.
  • Gunrunners – Guns are the number one weapon to use and they have it for you on their Resupply Missions.
  • Bikers – Go out in style with the help of the bikers in their bike shop.

In addition, 1 to 4 players can also undergo investigations through an Operation Paper Trail.

If you haven’t watched the game trailer, you may watch it below.

New vehicles

There are different vehicles offered by Criminal Enterprises to give you a cool ride while doing missions. A customize option is also available for you to try out.

What devices are available for GTA The Criminal Enterprises?

The devices available for this game are PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam on PC. It is available for download starting today, July 26. However, this is not appropriate for 16 years old and below.

GTA The Criminal Enterprises is rated 17+ which could contain Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Use of Drugs and Alcohol. So play responsibly.

Game improvements

There are also game improvements made for players to have a smooth and fun experience while playing. It pointed out the enhancement for vehicles, payout increases, and improvements in general.

You may read the entire game improvements below.

Enjoy playing the new GTA The Criminal Enterprises!

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