GTA Trilogy: Some Cheats Disabled For “Technical Reasons”

The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was launched yesterday. It features the remastered versions of GTA III, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Vice City; enhanced in their graphics, but otherwise the same as fans might remember them.

  • Some of the changes include enhanced weather, character models, increased pedestrians among others. However, there will also be some things that will be missing from the games, such as some of the cheat codes.
  • Rockstar had confirmed that some of the cheats have been removed from the games due to certain technical reasons. Rockstar Games spoke to USA Today to confirm that some of the cheats from the original games have not been incorporated into the remastered versions.

“We actually had to remove a couple for technical reasons, certain things that didn’t play well in the Unreal base. But that’s actually where I’ll leave it. There’s some fun with discovery. I’m not saying plus or minus, but I’d rather not just go right on the nose before the release of the game and go straight to the end credits.”
– Rich Rosado, GTA Producer

While it has been confirmed that some of the cheats will not work in the remastered games, we do not know if there will be new ones to replace them. Certainly, players are going to miss the cheats, though we do not know which of them have been removed.

Floating cars, armor, unlimited weapons, getting rid of the cops, flying cars, speeding up the game itself are some of the things that players have used cheats for. However, some of these aspects will be missing, and as Rosado has said, there is some fun in discovery.

Source: USA Today

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