GTA V Redux

GTA V looks better than ever with Redux

The GTA V Redux mod is out now. And it makes the gameplay so much better. It’s not just about updated textures or better lighting. It’s a lot more.

From the road textures and pedestrian physics to police response and damage mechanics – everything has been redesigned completely. The core focus of these many visual redux improvements is enhancing the realistic feel in the game.

The show-stealer is the totally reworked world ambient lighting and its change according to the time of day. From night streetlight illuminance to sun rays on a rainy day – the redux makes GTA V more believable and interesting to look at.

The textures for roads, clouds, sky, trees, etc. have been updated to look more life-like. 4k textures and an enhanced, more punishing police (and army) response have been added.

Real-life ads and company images now displayed throughout the map’s many hoardings. Life-like debris effect, smoke simulation, ambient fog, and friction mechanics enhance the gameplay further.

And last but totally not the least – a selection of 15 reshade options. Each reshading provides a unique view and you’ll be able to play GTA V in the atmosphere you love the most.

And oh, environmental blur has been removed. Damn good crispiness.

Here, check this gripping 6-minute official video:

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