GTA Online Message Says “GTA VI Coming 2019”, But We’re Pretty Sure That’s Not The Case

GTA VI Coming 2019

The biggest open-world franchise of video game history, Grand Theft Auto, has also been one of the most talked franchises in the past few years. With GTA V’s release in 2013, fans were already looking up for rumours, clues, easter eggs and secrets related to the release of GTA’s next instalment, GTA VI (apparently).

Many GTA Online players saw an unexpected message appear on the left-bottom corner of their screens, that clearly said –

Rockstar Message:
Coming 2019

followed by the official Rockstar Games website link. At first, it is sure to confuse players and I’m confident it made you give the message a second thought as well. However, Rockstar Games won’t reveal such crucial information in such an absurd way.

With such a huge fanbase and a hyperactive community, Grand Theft Auto franchise is indeed one of the biggest and admired video game franchises. Rockstar would be eminently foolish to reveal a game in such a ludicrous way. Now here’s where things get interesting.

The message appeared only on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the only platforms where GTA V is moddable. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It must’ve been the works of an exceptional hacker (or a team) who (that) ingested the fake message, only to appear on players’ screens to spread a false rumour.

Rockstar Games is one of the finest and perfect video game developers in the industry. It takes the studio nearly five years to even tease a new game. And to see two big titles release such close to each other, would be either marvellous or exceptionally implausible.

Another rumour comes from a noteworthy Rockstar Insider, who goes by the username Yan2295. According to Yan, he has access to a confidential document which contains the locations, Rockstar might work on in their upcoming GTA games. Chicago, Mexico City and Vegas from the remarkable 70s era are some of the prominent locations listed there.

Again, we don’t know if these are valid. Rumours can never be relied on. While we wait for more information on GTA VI’s release, check out the official trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, where “the sun will rise from the West”.

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