GTA V Promo

GTA VI might be the subject of a new Rockstar ad campaign.


While rumors and leaks have been lackluster for those awaiting a Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA fans may not have to wait much longer for news of a true Grand Theft Auto sequel.

A new job listing at Rockstar Games, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series, is asking “for shooting in-game footage for use in online and TV campaigns.” on their careers page. This job demand, titled “CINEMATIC GAMEPLAY CAPTURE ARTIST,” is based in Rockstar New York, and is different from their usual job listings of programmers, analysts, and advisors. The job demands that the employee must be able to “rapidly master games in development”.

What Does This Mean?

While Rockstar may need Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artists for their frequent GTA Online promotions and updates, their recent Cayco Heist major advertisement campaign and other similar events have not demanded more employees to specialize in the video advertisement field. 

Therefore, a listing asking for more of these “artists” may suggest a major trailer or ad campaign in the works, which an optimist would call GTA 6. 

Realistic Expectations

That being said, there has been an absolute drought of concrete information regarding a Grand Theft Auto sequel since…2013. With executive producer and long time GTA actor Lazlow Jones being ousted from Rockstar, and Rockstar using nearly decade-old footage to advertise GTA 5 on the Playstation 5, it seems that Rockstar has lost momentum in terms of making new games. Rockstar has over 2,000 employees, yet the only form of noise that has slipped from secrecy is a US Patent for advanced NPC technology and a Rockstar employee with “unannounced titles” listed as a project on his LinkedIn. (That information is now deleted from his page).

However, with the job listing demanding that the employee possess a “Thorough understanding of and passion for Rockstar’s games specifically” it is difficult for GTA fans not to be passionate as well.