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The unofficial and remastered edition of GTA Vice City on RAGE Engine that fans of the Rockstar saga have been hoping for is here, thanks to a group of fans!

  • This GTA Vice City fan remaster was in development since 2020. They were able to accomplish this by utilizing the RAGE Engine – Rockstar Advanced Game Engine – Rockstar San Diego’s graphics engine.
  • RevTeam, the development team in charge of the game, recently released a new version of their demo for the game they’re working on. They confess to being extremely pleased with the outcome, which is not surprising given their efforts.

GTA Vice City 2

Two missions, twenty hidden packages, ten unique jumps, and seven radio stations are in the demo. RevTeam has released a patch that corrects a few bugs. They also added the entire original Vice City map, as well as the mission “Pickups from the RC Helicopter” and four Ricardo Diaz missions. Get the game for free HERE!

Because it is an unofficial remake, its network continuity may be in jeopardy; Take-Two recently confirmed, through its CEO Strauss Zelnick, that it is sending cessation notifications to GTA mods that jeopardize the saga commercially or represent bad behavior. If the editor does eventually work on a rerelease of GTA Vice City, this fan version may be phased out.

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