GTA VR is the next big thing we’re looking forward for

On posting ‘GTA 6 isn’t cancelled; may support VR and 4K, I felt Rockstar itself isn’t prepared for such a big step. But that doesn’t keep the fans away. Corridor Digital created a trailer for what a VR version of the game might be like, that is killing the internet right now.

Adrian Picardi is the director of this incredible clip. The 29-year old director, editor and cinematographer has also contributed in DriveClub TV Spot, Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins and Left 4 Dead – the fan film.

Here’s what happens in the breathtaking clip –

*Spoiler Alert*

The video features a guy who gets a package delivery. The package contains ‘Googel Tesela Appel Virtual Reality’ glasses, that throws him into real life Los Santos with Trevor (Steven Ogg) as his tutorial guide. Ogg does a brilliant job portraying Trevor as he smacks a NPC and steals his bright yellow car. There’s crazy plane crashes, car bombings, beatdowns and the best of all is this line –

“Hey you can’t park here m*f*cker”

I don’t wanna spoil it, but make sure to laugh when that line comes in. Watch the video down below and witness the chaos yourself. The CGI isn’t commendable but fits perfectly with the theme of the clip. Thanks, Crave.