GTA V’s Zombie Themed Single-Player DLC Was In Rockstar’s Plans

Supporting a game in the long term is the standard with large modern productions. You don’t publish a game just to drop it shortly after, but you work constantly to add content and keep the player active on their work. It can be done in many ways. The most common today is with online, but even single-player expansions are a viable solution. We recall for example the case of GTA IV, which proposed two highly appreciated DLCs (Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony). Unfortunately, Rockstar did not want to continue with this approach with GTA 5.

However, according to reports from Eurogamer.net, the company was planning to build DLCs for GTA 5. The information comes from a series of dataminer that over the years have investigated the game and collect various information through programming remnants left in the lines of code. These data made us think that Rockstar wanted to rework the map (even 80% or more) to propose various DLCs linked to different themes. For example, one would have been a zombie apocalypse, while an expansion would have staked everything on Ocean’s Eleven-style shots: this last idea, then, has been turned into the GTA Online Robbery.

In fact, it seems that much of the one initially imagined for the single-player has been eliminated and reused to create new content in the multiplayer. GTA Online has in fact quickly become the priority for Rockstar who, while struggling in the first period, managed to create a game of enormous success that is still active today, six years after its release.

At this point, it seems impossible that the developers propose a single-player expansion for GTA 5. It also comes to wonder if the same procedure will be maintained with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. The first Red Dead Redemption got a zombie-themed DLC, but more than eight months after the release of the game we have no information on an RDR 2 expansion. Tell us, would you like that?


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