Guild Wars 2, the massively multiplayer role-playing game by ArenaNet and NCSoft is heading toward a massive expansion, the End of Dragons. ArenaNet has released a roadmap for the fall, giving details about all the events in Guild Wars 2 from now till the release of the End of Dragons expansion in February 2022. There are some heavy plans scheduled for the upcoming months.

  • Players can access the second Elite Specialization Beta of the End of Dragons from the 21st of September. The Beta events have also been scheduled for October 26th and November 30th.
  • The expansion will allow players to go fishing and can go on skiff cruises with friends and explore the waterways of Guild 2.
  • A few days later, from the 24th of September, players can experience the first-week long World vs. World Alliances Beta. Updates that will make the WvW possible will be released by August 31st.
  • Players can opt-in through options in-game, and will be able to test the new server infrastructure. The new infrastructure is aimed at delivering a balanced experience than what is available now.

DirectX 11 Beta, Living World, and More!

  • The much-awaited DirectX 11 Beta is set to happen on the 21st of September as well.
  • Season 4 of the Return to Living World will be featured from August 24 till the 28th of September. The Icebrood Saga will last from the 19th of October till the 30th of November.
  • There are also going to be celebrations with festivals! The Festival of the Four Winds is on the 31st of August, the Shadow of the Mad King is scheduled for the 5th of October, the Wintersday for the 14th of December, and the Lunar New Year event will take place on January 25 in 2022.

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