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The Guilty Gear series is known for its creative character designs. Guilty Gear Strive launched early in 2021, has been no different. Several characters from previous installations in the series have returned in the new game, such as the iconic Sol Badguy, while new ones have also been introduced.

  • Guilty Gear Strive was a big success in the gaming community since its release. It is also the highest sold game in the entire series. The first DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive, Goldlewis Dickinson, was rolled out in July by Arc System Works.
  • They are back once again with the second character DLC to be revealed by the end of August, with a character returning from previous games. Jack-O’ Valentine, who first appeared in Guilty Gear XRD- Revelator- in 2015 as a playable character, is set to return in Strive from the 30th of August. Season pass holders will have access to the new character from the 27th.

Jack-O’ Valentine is back!

Jack-O’ Valentine is a cute, deadly, and complex character in the Guilty Gear series, with her adult/kid split personality. Her character combines sharp visual design and wild fashions, with a complicated playstyle that needs effective micromanagement.

Jack-O’ was originally for nefarious and apocalyptic activities; not in a destroyer and doomsday character. However, in a more carefree, happy-go-lucky character that can wreck chaos. You can plant her “Pumpkin Houses” around the battlefield to spawn the Dorpos, her minions. Combining different kinds of Dorpos with her versatile pumpkin flail, she can also create confusion and control space.

There seem to be certain changes from her previous appearances, which you can see in the trailer. Previously, her minions had wielded weapons such as a sword, a staff, and a spear. However, the trailer shows her three minions using the same lollipop weapon, and she primarily uses them as kicking projectiles that explode, and even as a shield. Any other changes to her gameplay are yet to be seen.

With three more characters coming to the Season 1 Pass, we just might see more characters return from the Guilty Gears series to carry forward Strive’s story.

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