Guinness World Record: Logan Paul – Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Logan Paul owns the 1998  Pikachu Illustrator Coro Coro Comic Illustration Holographic Card. The exchange on this card holds the Guinness World record for “The most expensive Pokemon Trading Card Sold at a Private Sale”

The Trade: 1998  Pikachu Illustrator
Coro Coro Comic Illustration Holographic Card

The PSA 10 rated 1998 Pikachu Card was sold by an undisclosed seller for $5,275,000.00. Logan Paul made a $4M payment adding the PSA 9 1998 Pikachu Card with a lower appraisal rating worth $1,275,000. The card comes along with an $80,000 diamond pendant. Jeremy Pawder, a Global Pokemon Toymaker and an expert collector, made the trade possible after connecting Logan Paul to the seller.

The private seller traded the card last July 22, 2021, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There were only 39 of these cards exist in the world. The existence of the PSA 10 rated 1998 Pikachu Card was a myth until the trade.

Image Courtesy via @loganpaul Instagram Account

The Reveal: WWE Wrestlemania 2022

The card was revealed to the world during the WWE Wrestle Mania 2022 event in which Logan Paul participated. In the event, Paul along with The Miz challenged and fought the Legendary Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio. After the event, the Guinness World of Record awarded the Certificate of “The most expensive Pokemon Trading Card Sold at a Private Sale” to Logan Paul.

Logan Paul himself was an experienced Olympic-type wrestler. As a Junior HS, Logan has a record of 35W-10L in the Ohio State Tournament representing West Lake High School. During his Senior Year, Logan Paul Participated in Ohio High School Athletic Association Division 1 State Tournament and placed 5th.

Image Courtesy via @loganpaul Instagram Account
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Pokemon Card Collection: Logan Paul

This is not the first time Logan Paul boasts his card collection. In fact, the youtube star also wore a Beckett Grading System (BGS) 10 Charizard during his boxing match with Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. Paul bought the card for $150,000 from Gary of Pawn Stars. After the match, Paul claimed it is now worth $1,000,000 as it is the card that “walked with the Legendary Boxer”.

Screen Grab via SHOWTIME Esports Youtube Channel

There are only 3 BGS 10 Charizard Card known to exist in the world. This is considered one of the Holy Grails of Pokemon Trading Cards and collectors will most likely buy them for that price. Especially now, it is tied to an event with the famous Money Mayweather who was a 50-0 record, excluding his celebrity matches (Floyd still won against Logan).

Screen Grab via Logan Paul Youtube Channel

Logan Paul also unknowingly spent $3,500,000 worth of fake 1st Edition Pokemon Trading Cards late last year. Shyne or Bolillo Lajan San, son of Belize President, sold the package to Paul which contains 1999 GI Joe trading cards. Shyne seemingly refunded the amount to Paul.

Image Courtesy via @loganpaul Twitter account

Despite the hiccup, Logan Paul still owns considerably large amounts of high-valued cards in his collection as posted on his Twitter last March 2022. Can you Spot some good stuff there?

Image Courtesy via @loganpaul Twitter account

Liquid Market Place: Logan Paul Ventures

Logan Paul although having controversies in the past already changed his ways and is considered an inspiration to many. Currently, Paul is undeniably an entrepreneur, although he was ever since but recently started a new platform. From wearing trading cards to big events to which increase their value, Logan Paul started Liquid Market Place. It is a place where people can invest and buy fractions of prized collectibles.

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