This guy killed his career with just 3 words of hate

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Of course it was a mistake, but it led to killing his own career.

Polish Starcraft player Szymon “Guru” Nieciąg recently made a huge mistake that led to killing his own career. Guru was a sponsored player for the team True Esport until November 9, when he got kicked out.

During one of his streams, Guru carelessly wrote a racist message in the All Chat. Here’s the 3 words of hate that has completely destroyed his esports career –

Spiel Times
“I hate Muslims”

Apparently, Guru was dropped out of True Esport and it was actually the right move. Now many people would say it’s just his opinion, but racist opinions being streamed globally shouldn’t be tolerated. Here’s what True Esport had to say –

The full stream of the incidence

The music is pretty amazing right? But his words weren’t. Thanks GPR for covering the story. You can join the discussion over here.

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